free beer

So we all know what Free, as in Beer means, but what are the alternatives that require us to specify that something is free like beer is free? Are there a standard accepted set, or did the free as in beer creators slack on the job?

I really hate the Purina "I'm a good dog" commercial. It isn't a bad commercial, in fact it is one of the best on the air, and I hates it a lot.

Well, Now we see if I can get this to work. Testing Blogjet as a method of posting to two blogs at once.

The next D&D computer game should be a Kotor style game set in and around Sharn. A mile tall city of towers seems to me to be what the better two consoles of this generation were made for.

My sister crushes the hopes and dreams of innocent notes with her capo.
She forces them to become sharks, but what if their aspirations are to be porpoi? I mean imagine a poor young note who has always dreamt of swimming and frolicking with the other porpoi, and then she comes and sticks a capo on it and turns it into a vicious shark.