From the today show from the last week about American Idol:
It will be the Upset of the Ages.
America has a new Idol to Worship.


Also, Caffeine Patches

(11:40:23 AM) Michael: I hate it when they get newage in my stuff
(11:40:40 AM) PG: It rhymes with sewage

The guy on the news just referred to a potential upset on American Idol as "The Upset of the Ages."

Just read books 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,,part of 7, 7.5,8, and 9 of the Dresden files. This is much less embarassing than having read the first 11+1 stephanie plum novels. Of course, Dresden has a lot less sex (and is way more faithful about who he has sex with) than Stephanie, and he is a lot more competant (and way less immune to bad shit) than she is.

Hum, major complaints:
1. He needs to hurry the hell up and give the sword to Murphy or take it himself. (Yeah yeah, England's Darkest Hour and all that shit. So, notice there is a war on? Give it to the chick.)
2. He needs to either find a cure for the half-vampire, or he and Murphey need to pair up. 4 years. Jeeze. It would make dealing with his apprentice much easier too.
3. While act 1 is definitely before act 3, I don't think that Checkov really meant use it immediately. Unless she gets resurrected soonish, I think he jumped the gun on the Fallen's shadow's plotline.

On the other hand, I want to have written those books.

09 S9 11 02 9Q 74 R3 5O Q8 41 56 P5 63 56 88 P0

Numbers are great Note that this is not the HD DVD cracking key. Notice that several pieces of it are well outside the bounds of hex.
A brief poem:
A passel of letters she wrote.
I learned them all by rote
13 in my hand
to turn and see her would be grand.