Just read books 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,,part of 7, 7.5,8, and 9 of the Dresden files. This is much less embarassing than having read the first 11+1 stephanie plum novels. Of course, Dresden has a lot less sex (and is way more faithful about who he has sex with) than Stephanie, and he is a lot more competant (and way less immune to bad shit) than she is.

Hum, major complaints:
1. He needs to hurry the hell up and give the sword to Murphy or take it himself. (Yeah yeah, England's Darkest Hour and all that shit. So, notice there is a war on? Give it to the chick.)
2. He needs to either find a cure for the half-vampire, or he and Murphey need to pair up. 4 years. Jeeze. It would make dealing with his apprentice much easier too.
3. While act 1 is definitely before act 3, I don't think that Checkov really meant use it immediately. Unless she gets resurrected soonish, I think he jumped the gun on the Fallen's shadow's plotline.

On the other hand, I want to have written those books.

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