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buttsex is an anagram for subtext

the above is something that made me chuckle from

The loot:
Well we do this advent thing and I think I'll start there.
Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time Dark Tales, Barenaked for the Holidays, A Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Dvd (also has a story. I didn't pay too much attention to the video the first time, prefering to listen mostly.), and a Milk Chocolate Almond whacking orange thing. Also, a fair amount of candy.

Christmas Proper:
$225 in cash, most of which went to presents and a movie and a few dinners.
15 dollar Lowes Card from Rick and Sherry.
Firefly Boxed Set (Brie and Lloyd)
Serenity Movie (Mom)
Best of Bare Naked Ladies (Lloyd)
6 pack of Staples Optiflow (really optiflow 2) pens
second six pack of Staples Optiflow pens *
Pocket Kite
Descent: Journeys In the Dark Board Game
Long Live the King (How to host a murder sort of thing)*
Second Battle Map*
All in One Wind Up Flashlight
Sharn City of Towers*
Laser Printer
Girl Genius Book 4 and 5
Battle Angel Book 4
Towel Set (Aunt Christi)
50 pack of CDrs.
Marvel Civil War 5*
Milk Chocolate Toffee Orange
Got to See Jessica and Christiane and the McClures, and it is entirely possible that Nate will be here (though this is his first Christmas with his new girlfriend, so I wasn't pushing that too hard. You get the first one for free with a SO, but then life must move on.)

* means things I used Christmas money to buy myself.

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