This is the reversed transcript of a game of 20 questions I played with computer at http://y.20q.net. I'm not sure I could have identified it on that question set. (that's 15 questions total by the way.)

I am guessing that it is a kudzu vine?
Yes , No , Close
14. Can you peel it? No.
13. Is it usually colorful? No.
12. Does it get shorter from using it? No.
11. Are there many different sorts of it? No.
10. Would you pay to use it? No.
9. Would you use it in a garden? No.
8. Do you use it in your home? No.
7. Can you lift it? Yes.
6. Do you know any songs about it? No.
5. Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? No.
4. Would you find it on a farm? Yes.
3. Does it have leaves? Yes.
2. Is it found in salad bars? No.
1. It is classified as Vegetable.

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