You know there is some really stupid shit to get nastalgic about. Last night I was having frozen pizza for dinner. My brother ended up eating six of the eight slices so I also had the remains of a bowl of popcorn I'd made for Brie earlier. Bad pizza and popcorn brought to mind being in the dorms. (Actually in the dorms I usually had Pepperoni Hotpockets and Popcorn, or more frequently, frozen egg rolls and popcorn.)
Been a while since I've posted. Not sure why, guess I've just not had anything to say.
Here's a line of "resoning" from the underside of my idiocy for you:
I'm unemployed and I'm trying to both get a job and become a published writer.
I've been holding off on starting any big projects (other than the cookbook, which is going slowly) until after I get a job.
Since I got back here, more than a year has passed.
Still no job, and more than enough time to write a book if I had done it then.
*Sighs* Me dumb.

(Screw the silly cliche about "you are a writer even if you are unpublished." Thanks mom, but there is nothing special about the ability to sit infront of a computer and bang out ten or a hundred thousand words. I'm not infavor of the whole don't ever write for free concept, I mean other professionals donate their work too, but if I am not being published, if I am not making at least a partial living off this, I might as well be writing ads or fan-fiction or political flyers. Actually, I could have some fun writing flyers I suspect. I always wanted to create viral memes. Well, at least I'm not doing fan-fic. Or Startrek novels, but then except for the three or four best of those I've ever read, they are just fan-fic that someone got paid for.)

Ooh, I beat Crescent Hawk's inception. The final area takes as much time as the rest of the game. Mapping it out and tracking the codes on paper makes it much easier though. No wandering randomly trying the same codes on the same door over and over and over again. Crescent Hawk's Revenge is a very different type of game (sort of RTS from way before Dune 2) and rather a bit harder. I'm about half way through it (I stopped to beat CHI) I want to play me some Battletech!

Been doing some design work on zero pressure organisims. (Critters what live in high vaccum that is.) Lots of fun. I'm sticking to basics, problems to be solved, not the chemical mechanisims of the solutions themselves, as I'm an indifferent chemist at best. Now I just have to come up with a use for them.

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