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Yeah, I've been spending too much time over at and 's head space. I'm seeing "Serious Gender Racial Issues" where none may exist.


So, I finished Way of the Wolf 2 before starting In Fury Born.

This is the third time I've checked it out from the library. THe previous two times I just couldn't get past the cover blurb.

This is a science fictionish book. (Well Science Fantasy at least)

It is about alien psychic invader vampires.


Alien Invaders and Vampires. Who can subsist on the "auras" of humans.

But I can get past that point.

I can accept alien invaders and ignore the vampire bits.

Oh they also have uber minions that are more the traditional blood drinking vampires. Also alien, but probably engineered to eat humans.

The brute minions though...
The big strong stupid alien rapist unable to plan for the future brute minions...

Were there any black face shows on the silent screen?

These guys, Glugs or something similar, well it is is pretty easy to draw a fairly strong case that they are stand-ins for the darker side of white America's view of blacks.

This is probably entirely unintentional. In fact, I am not sure that it would be possible to create a big strong stupid servitor race that you couldn't draw the same parallels to.

So, since they are mostly in the background, I can get past that.

Ignoring the above, these are pretty good books. I was going to say pulpish, but if I ignore the above bits they lose some of the pulp aesthetic.

I'm going to give at least the next book a chance. I'll have to see after that. If the vampires get all angsty and stand-in-for-sex-and-deathy then that'll be the end of it for me.

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