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There was a car on fire in front of my house.

Well, between my house and the next one down the street.

I saw it roll past smoking, but I live out in the country, a big cloud of white smoke/dust following a car isn't really noteworthy, even though we have blacktop roads here.
Then someone was running toward my house and I went to get the door and saw a burning car through the window.

About that time the first firefighters showed up in their private vehicles. ONe pulled out a fire extinguisher and gave it a go. The fire didn't even notice. On the otherhand, in the intrem the smoke had turned grey and the plastic bits had started to drip.
Then the engine showed up and they hosed it into submission. (The hood, which had warped shut gave them a moment of trouble, but it is all taken care of now.)

Nobody was hurt, the car on the other hand looks like a writeoff.

What the hell do you do to a new or newish car to make it catch on fire?

My dogs are in their cage so they don't get too excited about all of the strangers walking back and forth out there.

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