*sighs* People are dumb. I need to quite going to the Fark.com comment threads if I don't want to be brutally reminded of that at random and semirandom intervals.
There was a post about an English commedian, a real racist ass, named Jim Davidson, who refused to be served at a resturaunt because the server was Welsh.

Down in the comment thread there was this post:

I do not think white people behaving badly towards other white people is racism."

Er. Yeah.
So apparently in this fellow's world there are what? 4 Races, maybe as many as 8? (I figure he is getting white, Asian, Native American, African, and then maybe Pacific islanders, Jews, Hispanics, and Middle Easterners.)

Of course, he is probably American, where it is fairly easy to glom all vaguely similar ethnic groups together in your us vs them games.

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