So it has been a while since I posted here. New in my life:
I have Books 1, 2, 22, and 23 of Oh My Goddess (the new reprints. very nice.)
I also just got the second What's New with Phil & Dixie book from Amazon. Also very nice. I love the commentary from Phil's own Ginny (and if you can figure out who she is, who Ginny is and why I am comparing them, congratulations. You are as obsessive as I am.)
I've ordered some Warhammer 40k figures, not quite enough to make a basic army, but getting there.
I also just got a small bamboo steamer. Something I've wanted for a while. I also pucked up some new books at borders. They have a 4 for 3 sale on science fiction and manga and I bought a Warhammer 40k novel, a Shadowrun novel, and 2 Eberron novels. Oh and two new pairs of shorts. I'm all set for the winter.

Seems by little brother has exactly two types of question that he asks me. The first is the sort where I don't know the answer. I tell him this and he gets pissed at me. Apparently I'm supposed to pretend to know everything. *shrugs* Sorry, I'm not 16 any more, and I've out grown certain formative experiences since then. The other sort is where I can't figure out what he is asking. Today he asked what "average rate" means. It means what the two words together mean. I get questions like that a lot. I'm not explaining basic concepts to him, that would annoy me. But when I answer, "Which word don't you understand?" it annoys him. When I answer, "It means exactly what the two words mean." it annoys him. I suspect that if I refused to answer, that would annoy him too. (And I won't just claim to not know. He already accuses me of lying whenever I tell him I don't know something. And I'd hate for him to be right about that.) Since all routes are going to annoy someone, I think from now on, I'll pick the one that annoys him without taking up more than a minimum of my time.

Oh and then there was him asking me a question, me beginning to answer it, and then him telling me to prove it, then when he decided that he didn't want to be wrong in his assumptions from ignorance and told me that no matter what, I was wrong. So I agreed with him and quit talking. Then he called me asocial. I hope I wasn't that much of a twit when I was his age. Probably was. Thanks Chris.
Well, this is friends locked now.
Of course, it is still better than people who ask questions where they want a specific answer and then get pissed when you give them a different answer. I try to always give them the "wrong" answer.

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