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Flipside Stories
Matt and Pallas
Fancadarin lu Ridahm
Birth of a World
Grendels (Not the final title, but the dream that inspired the story)
Alana's World
Territh's War
The old man and his Goddess

Science Fiction
Earth's Empires Series
Before the Prophet's War
A Perfect Day (Catapult Story)
Gem on Tam Hall
Emerald Prior
Samuel Prior 1 (Utah)
Starstruck Wanderer
Samuel Prior 4 (Coreallis 3)
In the Room (Suicide and Memory Story)
Don't do Biotech Firms
Colonial Era
The Death of Samuel Prior
Xerses Devistator
Cognative Dissonance (An AI's Struggle)
In the Early Days
United Worlds of Humanity Era
Early Days of the Terran Empire

Horde War and the Fall of Man
The Wind Blows Across the Plain
Confederated Peoples Era
Second Horde War
Galactic Era
Sister Beatrice series
Zepplin over future NYC
Bremen Assassin
Exile (A "criminal" who is forgiven by everyone but himself)
Eternal Love/Eternal Conflict. Might go to the Imperial Era of the Empires of Man

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