Apparently the Pentagon is unwilling to let truth speak for itself.
(nb. I am getting worn out. 6 years ago, the outrage at this would have been much higher. Or maybe it is just that ground level has been shoved way up so the peaks seem to be not so high anymore.)

This son of a bitch, a government official working for the executive branch (albeit in what is most likely a bureaucratic post, not an elected one) is suggesting that American businesses boycott law firms that dare to represent people we are keeping prisoner without the benefit of a trial or evidence. He is openly calling for people to punish these firms for providing a service that our whole body of law, not to mention basic decency, requires they be capable of receiving.
These people have not been proven guilty of anything. The government has gone out of its way to make sure that they haven't had a chance to prove their guilt or innocence.





The law doesn't say that you shall have representation so long as we think you are innocent.

It doesn't even say that you shall have representation so long as you are innocent.


Breathing while of Arabic descent is not a sufficient crime to take away the right of legal representation.


This weariness, this overload, it recalls to me the words of a friend of mine, from early November 2004. We don't always see eye to eye, but in this case I agree with the sentiment here completely. I think I quoted them her before, but her words bear repeating. If for no other reason to remind myself.

"i won't let you take away my right to choose. i won't let you send my loved ones into wars we cannot win, and places we shouldn't be. i won't let you bring out the worst in humanity. i won't let you preach your hate to me. i won't let you push your religion on me. i won't let you shove your xenophobia down my throat. i won't let you forgot we're global citizens. i won't let you ruin the planet for my children. i won't let you pass your hateful laws. i won't let you rule this place under the guise of 'coming together.' i won't give you my compliance. i won't give you my support.

you can have my hatred, you can have my anger, you can have my fists and feet. you will not get my approval. you will never get my agreement. you will never get any of these things.

of course, not like this ever mattered to you." November 3, 2004

As I recall, in 2004, they were already doing all of the above and more, and they haven't slowed down since.

Good night and good luck.

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