Running my game is just under the critical annoyance threshold. We run on Fridays.
Last Friday, I told my players that I'd be emailing them either that night or the next morning with some information that I needed to have so I could prepare for the next adventure. Three of my six players had a 3 day weekend (they are out of school for MLK day.) Two are old friends who have always been pretty bad at the whole e-mail thing, but seriously, I told them it was going to be there. One is my little brother.

From the information I needed, there were two things to vote on and then either a single preference to state or a list of five items out of a possible 15 to send me.

So far, I have received:
3 of the voting responses, one of which I only received after repeatedly asking my sister to do her part. Which she then only partially did.
1 list of items. From my brother. Who did it on Saturday, in about 5 minutes.

My sister was sitting here this evening doing nothing. Well, watching commercials and eating cheerios, but nothing important. I asked her if she had five minutes and she came over, and when she saw it was about the game, she decided that she would do it later. Then she asked me to do extra work so she could do it on her own time.

Right, hell no. I've already done extra work to keep it from impacting game time.

I am fucking ready to quit.

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