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A Miracle of Science

My only serious complaint about this webcomic is that it is over. If I had been diligent about reading all of the comics from the Whiteboard's cameo comics, I'd have caught this one earlier and possibly already bought the first book. (Moving. Can't afford it now. Gladness resides in the fact that it is with a PoD company so they won't sell out their stock.)

Some nice transhumanisim stuff, a neat set of governments, a passel of mad scientists, and possibly a few too many pseudo-pacifists.

Also, there is a scene where a [spoiler] hits on [spoiler] This is wonderful.

Um if the comic is loading slowly go to another tab. You don't want to read the news posts first. They are often spoileriffic. In fact the writer posted that a scene was important, so no news post today before one scene. Sadly that tag needed to go before many scenes in the tow or so weeks after that one too.

Also <3 the ending.

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