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Sex and Video Games (well foreplay and video games at least.)

This looks like it has some potential. Well, the interface looks a little clunky, and I'm not sure that it wouldn't be better to work out a front to front version for symmetrical challange levels (as it is currently, the player in the briefs appears to have some serious advantages. Spreading the contact areas out a little more would help that, but having the player in the bra facing the other way would be a big help. Sensors in the groin area would be a logical extension, and probably more than just six sensors total. Also, while this is a natural set up for rhythm games, I don't think the DDR scroll up the screen method is best here. Give different sensors different functions, match the shoulder ones for the woman to some lower back ones for the man, have those sort of a power maintenance button or score multiplier (so that constant contact is a boon instead of batting at the sensor when it comes up.) Actually all of the sensors should encourage slightly elongated periods of touch instead of the quick batting motions in the first video. Also? the game they demoed appeared to be neither competetive nor cooperative enough. Either you should be able to distract your partner in order to rack up more points, or especially skillful manipulations from person A should set person b up for something special point wise. Possibly different sorts of sensors for different body parts too, though possibly a series of touch mouse touch pad type sensors on a soft backing would be best.

(Actually, the shoulder/lower back sensors should be touch pad like, the butt and breast sensors more based on uniform gentle compression, maybe outer thigh or stomach sensors that are more button like, and maybe a groin sensor too, though I'd have to give that one some thought as to best method of manipulation.

I suspect that you could come up with at least as many distinct games as they did for the Super Scope.

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