So, bike troubles. All expected. I am probably 75-100 lbs over my preferred weight and more than that over my by the charts goal weight. With that in mind, the bike I bought was as cheap as I could make it. I expect it to last until I am in much better shape, at which time I will buy a better bike. (Of course, I tend to gain muscle for a long time before I start losing weight, so we'll see.) Well, cheap bike plus lots and lots of me means that the cheap plastic pedals are going to crack and break. I could have just bought replacement metal ones when I bought the bike, but I decided to hold off. The right pedal is now half the device it used to be. Unfortunately it is less than half as functional as it used to be. I'll be replacing it before the plastic falls all the way off. Problem two, the breaks are shot. This was also expected. I tend to do silly things that other Bloomington bikers don't do, like stop at stop signs. Since a fairly large portion of the stop signs hereabouts are at the bottom of hills, this means lots and lots of break wear. Good news? Breaks cost a hair more than intertubes. Bad news? While Target carries bike tubes, it does not carry bike breaks. I'll have to go out to Wal Mart for that one (actually replacement pedals are also not available at Target.)

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