So the GSL is out. It has a major poison pill clause, a we can unilaterally revise without warning clause, several incredibly stupid restrictions on what sorts of products you can sell as gsl material, a "you can't reference page numbers or print stat blocks from our books in the products you are writing to make our books sell better" clause, and several other things that remind me of the bad old days when TSR was busy burning their bridges with their support community and crashing and burning. Add to that the incredibly poor showing of the DDI material, some rules that seem to have had any mathematical analysis done, and been either not play tested or the playtesters were ignored, and an odd mismash of finicky detail and giant gaping holes in the material, much of which will be released in the dribbleware manuals that come next, and you have an incredibly painful turn of events for a company that we were coming to like again. Fucking Hasbro. (The buzz is that the folks in charge didn't want even the GSL that we got, which would explain why it seems like they designed it to encourage people not to use their product. Which is bad enough. Then add the fact that their release was both buggy and delayed, and then add the fact that a partner they screwed over last year is releasing a modified version of the 3.5 rules that seems to be doing things pretty right, and you have a shot in the foot for the fun of it situation over at Wizards.)

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