never did write that post...
So I wasn't going to write my next blog post. But then I thought about my evening, and realized that this next post is entirely in tune with my night.
See, I went to the FMLA fundraiser tonight and I had a realization. I don't have work tomorrow. I mused a little outloud along the lines of "Hey, no work tomorrow, I should do something tonight." The woman sitting next to me suggested that I should make something, then she suggested that I should make a website. Not exactly what I meant, but I realized that I didn't have any better ideas for the evening. (Jessica has a somewhat skewed view of what I do for fun I think.)
Then I got home and Eva had posted a reply to my request for a theme for a numbers post with a suggestion that I make a numbers post out of synopses of the previous numbers posts and ask the question again. I'm hoping that she is meaning something different by numbers post than I do since I can't come up with any interesting way to do numbers stuff with an overview of what numbers stuff I've done before. Also, since I don't tag my posts mostly, doing this would be a huge undertaking (I envy you folks who organize your blog sensibly) So in a comment, I sort of said "no" but then I thought for a bit and realized it was as good as anything else I was going to do tonight.

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