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Just got back from Jessica and Daniel's wedding. I had a great time at the reception. Best DJ I've ever heard at a dance, so I enjoyed the whole night even though I don't dance. Very little new music, no rap, no crappy midwestern dance songs (like funky chicken dance) Just enough corny stuff that the folks on the floor were having a blast.

Also, the music was, miracle of miracles, not too loud.

Held the reception at the clifty inn.

Jessica and Daniel's friends are my kind of people. Had I known them, it is possible I would have been out there with the interpretive dance folks.

The food was good. DIY salads, choose your own adventure meals (I had the asparagus, the roast potatoes, the to kill for roast beef, and some fish that was quite good.

Got to see some people I seldom see.
Got to see some people I see a little more often but not nearly enough.
Ran out of champaign before I got there.
Had Coke products, specifically Diet Coke.
Also. 4th Garter Belt.

Very awesome party. (If you didn't know all of the above are plusses)

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