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Part Two: Unblocked!

(03:13:52 PM) haye hh ru?
(03:13:57 PM) why u r sad
(03:14:05 PM) i am in here dont worry
(03:16:09 PM) just sent you a Nudge!
(03:20:19 PM) Michael: Er, hello. I'm afraid that your message was missing things. Packet loss? Keyboard Error? Neurological dysfunction? Who knows. No matter, please send again. Maybe this time words will appear on my side of the screen
(03:21:34 PM) yeah yeah u r so funny
(03:21:34 PM) heeheheeeh
(03:21:56 PM) u must be serios oky
(03:23:54 PM) Michael: Well, actually, I don't really follow college sports, and the the Okys aren't particularly popular around these parts.
(03:24:45 PM) Michael: actually, I think that is spelled Okie
(03:25:13 PM) Michael: but again, not really popular in this region so I don't know.
(03:25:18 PM) oky is the paricularly piont of my and our life so we r use the oky and think about it oky so whats ur opinion about oky
(03:27:50 PM) Michael: sports fan then?
(03:28:37 PM) oky
(03:30:34 PM) Michael: So are you real or are you just a gutted and abused version of Alice?
(03:31:42 PM) listen me who u r ?
(03:32:37 PM) Michael: Well, Alice has better grammar and makes more sense, so we can probably scratch that off the list.
(03:33:07 PM) Michael: It is really a shame, the more recent revisions of Alice are quite entertaining.
(03:33:31 PM) yas

Rather more nonsensical than last time. That takes talent.
Or a really bad attempt at an Alice type bot.

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