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The more I see of Rent, the less I like it (though some of the songs are catchy.)
I just watched a fanvid for La Vie Boheme set to scenes from Harry Potter.
Then I went and found a clip of the musical to put it in perspective. Seriously this is the Catcher in the Rye of the generation after mine (I'm the tail end of X front bit of Y. I'm talking about the last half of Y and the whole of the one after it.) Ugh. Only sympathetic character in the whole scene was the kid who sang the framing song that this is a mockery/response to.

Yeah. Oh that had me thinking of Harry Potter. You realize, that kid spent the first six books not learning one of the biggest lessons that Dumbledore was pounding into his head? Book seven, he tells Ginny that he won't let her put herself in danger. Yeah, not your choice mate (though it is treated as such, sort of... She does end up rallying the Riders of Rohan while the Fellowship goes and wanders across the plains and Gondor, but still... That was a huge message of the first six books. You don't get to keep people from doing the things they feel they need to do.

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