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So, I occasionally get odd IMs. Not as often as I'd like, but occasionally.
Today I got an email. As background, a long long time ago I wanted to create an internet site that would let people write essays on various subjects (with a cadre of editors to make them readable.) The goal was to create a point and counter point system. I wanted to call it Voice of the People. (It would have been more skewed toward my positions than something I did today specifically to promote my beliefs, and I never would have realized it.)
It was going to be called Voice of the People.
Thus was born
I keep that account active by checking it once or twice a month. Today I had an interesting e-mail:

Hi! I saw 2 representatives from voice of the people on WYOU. They said they were going to Texas. I sure hope they know spanish. My husband and I moved to PA recently and it sure is nice not to see so many illegals. We lived in Houston,TX for 10 years. It's so nice not to here Spanish here. People in PA for the time being should be glad they are not here ilke TX.

Suzanne Rodgers

Apparently there is a hate group called Voice of the People USA...
Well, here's my reply:

Ah, Mrs. Rodgers, I think you have me mistaken for someone else. This account was attached to an old web 1.0 project to create a memetic forum for people of diverse views. I was not, at the time, aware of usenet. I'm afraid that I am not, nor have I ever been, associated with hate groups like VOTPUSA or Alipac. I would suggest that you google their names instead if you with to contact them.

As always,
Michael Phillips

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