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Well, I now own 3 times as many long sleeved shirts as I did this morning. I went to the good will and got two pull over fleeces and a pair of ring neck tees. :( I look better in these than in my usual clothes. :-/
Also I also own two times one more scarf than I have ever previously owned. I was looking for a scarf, and failed to find one in the goal price range at target. So I wandered the mall and popped into Old Navy (3 of the 4 pieces of clothing I got at the good will were from Old Navy too.) They had a bunch of winter gear on a major sale. Half off. Old navy stocks my favorite colors too. (Earth tones) Well, there were 7.50 scarves and 14.50 scarves. I was going to buy 2 of the 7.50s, but that worked out to more than one of the heavier 2 sided 14.50s. So I decided on one of the 14.50s (and gave up on the dove grey scarf... :( I need a job. I could get all clothes horsey, or at least all "have updated my wardrobe in the last decade"y) But then there was an off white 7.50 hiding in the back, and of course the double sided ones were 2 colors that were close to eachother. So I bought the off white fleece scarf and the blue on blue double sided scarf. After taxes and rebate? $11.60.

Ooh I found a pair of really nice clerk's gloves that I can't quite convince myself to afford right now (I either need thin fleece gloves or thin fleece clerk's gloves. In the first case, they'll have an encounter with Mr. Scissors and become clerk's gloves.) Actually they didn't have a price, but they were at Eddie Bauer and among a bunch of 25 and 30 dollar gloves. Even at 30% off because the store is going out of business, that was too much.

I need either a hat that covers my ears, or a goofy hat and some behind the head ear muffs and I'll be able to wear my new leather jacket in the cold and miserable!

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