Herald Times. run by brain dead monkies.

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*edit* I got the name of my local paper wrong. Guess who almost never reads it.
Okay, small newspapers frequently have no fucking clue about what they are doing with the internet. That's really understandable, the big ones are only (occasionally) marginally better. The Herald Times, Bloomington Indiana's paper, is extra special stupid.
Not only do they use a registration wall for most stories, guaranteeing that the won't be the internet's preferred linkage source for stories that happen even in their home town, but they use a paywall, insuring that even if they are the only people covering a given story, no one will direct traffic to them over their writing. Oh, and to make it extra special? Unlike the paper in my fairly podunk home town, where they kept the stories up for a week and then put them behind the paywall? The HT? In their distinctly finite wisdom, the HT puts current stories behind the paywall, so even were I interested in reading their site to check the news and decide if I wanted to follow up with their print edition I wouldn't be able to do so. This cuts off their potential page views, which makes the internet look like a poor job by the numbers, which makes it hard to sell net advertisements and lets whoever is in the position of "Prime Internet Usage Discourager" say that the internet just doesn't work for newspapers. Way to poison the well dip-shit.

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