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Hey, anyone got a group of 8-10s they'd be willing to play test this against? I'm looking for this to be a challenging CR 10.

Bael Demon Huge Neutral Evil Native Outsider

Hit Die 12 (12d8+36)*4 (356) Init +6 Bab 12

AC 26 (10+6dex+12 nat –2 size), FF 20, T16 Spd 30

Attack Slam +19 1d8+12+Bael Fire (1d6 unholy + 1d6 electrical)

Full Attack Slam Slam +19 2d6+13+Bael Fire (1d6 unholy + 1d6 electrical) + 2 Smash +14 1d8+9+Bael Fire (1d6 unholy +1d6 electrical)

SV Fort 15 Ref 18 Will 12

AB Str 28 (+9), Dex 22 (+6), Con 16 (+3), Int 19 (+4), Wis 10, Cha 15 (+2)

(Su) Baelfire Aura As a swift action, a Bael Demon can release a portion of the dark power he wields. A seething carpet of black fire laced through with purple lightnings flows out from beneath his feet. All creatures within 10 feet of the demon takes 3d6 points of damage split evenly between unholy and electrical damage. Every round, the demon can spend a swift action to maintain the bael fire. If he does so, the damage increases by 3d6. He can maintain the aura for at most 3 rounds, at which point the aura fades. The demon cannot summon his aura for two rounds times the number of rounds he had it out (ie 2 rounds if he maintained it for one round, 4 rounds for 2 and 6 rounds for 3. A character caught in the baelfire can make a dc 18 fortitude save to take half damage.

(Sp) Mindfire. As a standard action, a Bael Demon can target a creature within 100 feet. The victim must make a DC 18 will save or lose 1d4 of his lowest level spell slots. He loses an additional 1d4 slots each round until mindfire is dispelled or the victim runs out of spell slots. Each spell level lost inflicts 2 points of damage to the victim, 0th level spells counting as ½ level each. Mindfire’s Caster Level is 12th.

SQ DR 10/Cold Iron or Good, SR 18, Resist Energy (Electric) 15, *Unholy Toughness A Bael Demon has 4 times the number of hit points an outsider of its hd would usually possess.

Concentration (Con) 22, Sense Motive (Wis) 15, Spot (wis) 15, Search (Int) 19, Listen (Wis) 15, Knowledge The Planes (Int) 19, Knowledge Arcana (Int) 19, Use Magic Device (Cha) 17, Tumble (Dex) 21, Intimidate (Cha) 17, Bluff (Cha) 17, Spellcraft (Int) 19

Feats: Improved Natural Attack (Slam), Power Attack, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude

CR 10

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