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Gah, still not done with my Obama rally post. Synopsis: If you were within driving distance and didn't come, you missed a generational event. (Sure it is one hat has been happening around the country, but still.)

Instead of writing, I've been looking for things to delete from my harddrive. A big category there is spreadsheets. I create lots and lots of spreadsheets. Unfortunately, I started using computers back in the bad old days of the c64 and DOS. As such, I tend to use "clever" acronyms and abbreviations for file names. Combine this with my tendency not to label things in working spreadsheets, and you get files like "SDF3" which is 2 columns and 5001 rows of apparently random numbers. The only thing I'm sure of about this file is that it has nothing to do with the third Super Dimensional Fortress. Here, let me quote some of it:
1.402430872 0.913841367
-0.331321315 1.268895612
-2.311537313 -0.385620794
-0.536622055 1.526090536
-1.182823193 0.533562803
-0.290976065 0.202439158
-0.167693012 -0.163485932
-1.63426872 1.074571794
-0.912138318 -0.006605608
-1.564336346 0.934234433
-0.624270597 -1.667912168
-1.735030256 -0.686883448
There are no formulas in here to help me figure out how I got those numbers or what I had intended to do with them. I should really use the extended file name stuff to give, ya'know, extended descriptive file names to things.

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