People doing good things.
Went to the FMLA meeting.
Got there way late. Will try harder next time. Alas, I was late because I needed pointy sticks. Will explain later.

I got to discuss fundraising methods and concerns. It was fun. I really like hanging out with activists. Like seriously, even if they aren't activisting about my particular issues (more on that in a graph or two.) So collectivist thinking is not compatable with computer security. Along the same lines, I bet IU doesn't let you set up multiple passwords for a single account, even for a student group. They really should. Also, even if you are required to keep the IU provided tools for your groups, you should move group management and such to a modern system (I'd suggest gmail and google groups, though any shared information system would work. Set the IU email account up to auto forward to the other system (if you are worried about privacy, you should be able to set up pgp as an intermediate somehow, but I'm not absolutely sure how.)
Evan is my kind of geek, by the way. He keeps using words from assorted Joss-verses. Sadly, I don't pepper my fandoms so much into my daily speech, though I guess I do pepper it with my geekery, but that is just part of me, not an expression of geekery. (Shindig and shiny within 30 minutes of each other triggered this.)

Oh Confirmation, Olivia was the 3rd name from the other day. Alas, I just grabbed a dozen new names not to remember. Oh well, I lose some and then lose some more.

Went to the Out meeting after the FMLA meeting. I'm definately more FMLA's target audience than OUT, but activisim is activisim and their cause is just, and the people are fun, so, ya know. (Kinsey 1.1, glad they're straight friendly.)

I like the big poster on their wall, I want it in a vinyl wall thingy:
"Safe Zone
This zone is declared SAFE.
Regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability, you will be treated and respected as a human being. Ignorance, bigotry, and harassment will not be tolerated."

Happily it doesn't list "snark" or "sarcasm" though I guess both of those sort of fall under harassment of you aren't ready to deal with them. I'm not sure that I could give up my snark. But I do promise that I'll not snark you any more or any less because of any of the above.

The degree to which tech has changed the way people do stuff is horribly evident in these meetings by the way. 7 people, 4 computers and an Ipod with communications capabilities. They influenced the way the meeting ran. Incredibly cool, not really a possibility when I was these "kids" ages. (I know, I know, but you youngins'll always be "kids" to YT.

Good time, hope to relearn some of the names.

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