Written last night in a McDonalds. Other things came up that kept me from transcribing it.

So, I bought a cape for halloween today. On my way home (via College Ave.,) I realized that I was biking while in possession of a cape that I wasn't actually wearing . I immediately corrected this problem. I now know why super heroes wear capes.

Now, I just need some blogger-goggles. Well, actually, I also need to modify the cape to toughen it up a bit. A couple of weights in the corners and a hardening of the trailing edge to keep it from fraying in the wind would be nice.
I'm considering wearing the blogger costume to the reunion.

Also, those bluetooth earpiece phones? Hilarious. You'll not catch me with one of those until they are more along the lines of micro-hearing aids and throat patches. (possibly a pendant/microphone) I'd definately wear something bigger if it was techy-cool. I'm talking large mags and such. I'm still wanting wearable computers.

I don't understand (while still partaking in some degree) the human urge to entropy, especially at the expense of others. I went to a resturaunt with self service free refills of sodas. In fact, I'm blogging from there right now (sort of, I'm writing long hand, but it will get transcribed to the blogs.) Well, the drink station is somewhat obscured from the employees' view. Some jackass(es)* rigged the icemachine to run constantly until it ran out of ice, causing it to run out onto the counter. I really don't get that one. The store's manager spent at least 20 minutes fixing the problem. I don't understand the desire to break other people's stuff, to make life unpleasant for random people. I do get some enjoyment from acts of destruction per destruction, but I limit that to things that are my own, usually items that have no more use. At the same tme I do enjoy making life easier for others, making things work, facillitating people's success.

I guess it breaks down to keeping my playing with entropy limited behind the aegis of "an ye harm none..."

Also, watching how closing works at this resturaunt, I really really like working at Kroger. The manager ended up doing a lot of work that she shouldn't have been doing, not because it was the best use of her time, but because she'd have had to babysit her workers while they worked on it. (Yeah, that's as much a statement on the competency of the management there as the employees.) We're very very lucky that we have several real competant managers at various levels throughout the store at my Kroger. We beat the average for competant and better managers. I think I'll hold my assessment of the whos and whats of competent or not until I''m not working there anywhere.

* Yeah, they didn'ty actually rig it they way I thought they did. The machine broke and they rigged it to quit spewing ice. And then didn't actually tell anyone that it wasn't working. Still not good, but better than I thought.

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