I love my dogs

but I do wish they were a little less bound to tradition. Every morning, mom brings them out once or twice between 5:30 and 7:00. Then she leaves to bring my brother to school. Then they get on his bed and start growling at eachother and barking at me until I bring them out again. Oi, and they are very big on the whole Pavlovian response thing. Certian actions, movements, and words convince them that they need to pee.

I woke up this morning and my brother had left the light on. I swear he does it on purpose. When he gets up (at least for the time being) it is plenty light in our room to see ane even to read by, but he turns the light on anyway.
Oh, and I woke up and mom has already left for Michigan. She's doing a shoot up in the Copper Harbor area on the upper penninsula. I want to go places, but for now at least I'm here watching the shitheads, I mean dogs.

Oh, and recently most of my friends have dissapeared from the face of the internet. I'm not taking about you Pope G, or you Ness, but a number of the people I turn to for random talks on various subjects are gone. In most cases I'm torn between being thrilled because they have gotten something really great (like new well paying jobs in their areas of expertise) and being sad because they aren't here to talk to me . In other cases, they are just gone, drifted away (well, some have walked steadily away, but that shit happens) over time.

I have a shiny metal ruler with a cork backing. That's kind of cool. It'd be even cooler without the cork, but it is still pretty cool.

You should read Schlock Mercenary Howard could use more readers so he can sell advertising and occasional pieces of merchandise. He's quit his job at Novell and is trying to make a go at the professional web comic artist thing.

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