Is there anything more dispicable than a single issue voter?
You know who I'm talking about, the guy who believes in trickle down economics, political controls on science, paving the wilderness, eternal limitless growth, stealing from tomorrow to enrich today, legislating morality, Iraqui ties, wars without exit strategies, cutting funding for vocational education, and the justice of imperialism because the candidate who favors both happens to be for backalley coathanger abortions. (You'd be amazed how many people in my area are in favor of coathanger abortions.) Of course, that isn't the only type of single issue voter, but among the middle class it is the most common. After all, the folks in the top brackets have a good reason to be in favor of trickle down economics, and it isn't that it ever does any good for their poorer neighbors.
My personal favorite is tha anti-legal-abortionists. If they have half a brain in their dim little heads, they realize that neither candidate will do anything about abortion, but in the brilliant glow of their own moralism, they refuse to even look at other "moral" issues.
Gah, too disgusted to type. Scuzzballs.

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