Library Trip

Went to the library today. Ugh their classification system is maddening. SF and YA are right next to each other, and a number of books that should be in the SF section are in the YA section. I'd not have a problem with them being in the YA section (mostly the Dresden Files books maybe aren't YA at all. I'm waiting to see if Red Seas Under Red Skies ends up there in a month or three. I mean it is sort of an adventure story) except that other book in the same series are in the SF section. This makes it rather hard to keep track. Also the patrons apparently do a lot of reshelving themselves and it is less than skillful. I'm by no means an obsessive order type. (Perish the though. Ask anyone who knows me. Make sure there is no food or drink in their mouths first though, unless you wish to wear it.) That said, I've been rearranging books to put all of the stuff by a given author adjacent to each other. You know, casually, and I'm not seeking it out, but when I notice, I fix it. (Well and also I've reordered series stuff so that they were in order. Looks like they need a full time person or two to do just those two tasks. I'd be good at it, though I'd probably not actually enjoy it.)

Oh yeah, the whole point of this post.

I grabbed the next several Babylon 5 disks, the next Sarah Monette that I haven't read, an Eberron Hardback, the Ghost in the Shell TPB, Wen Spencer's A brother's Price (I've read it, but I want to see if some of the questions that have been bugging me about it are answered on a more careful reading of the text. Silly genetics/ecology classes.) And I grabbed a starter set of Tamora Pierce books, First Test, Magic Steps, Trickster's Choice, Page, and Alanna The First Adventure. Mostly the first books of a number of series. I've been running into her in various places about live journal, and thought that I ought to try to read a few of her books. It's why I read the E.Bear stuff and the S.Monette stuff. Left over from the previous trips are a bunch of books on board game design, a Michael Stackpole, the Lackey/Guon Wingcommander, and several Warhammer 40k books) Eek, I need to finish writing my brief reviews and post the 3rd quarter list in the next couple of days.

451.5 miles to Rivendell

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