Miles to go

I mirrored this journal over on blogger back in February,but lacking decent double posting software, I didn't keep up with it. A friend of mine who had thought I'd dropped off the face of the Earth because of that inspired me to update. Instead, I deleted the whole mirror and blogger has a pain in the butt limit on automated posts using the API. It limits you to 50 a day. I have 750 left. Ugh.

Also? I am going to do the miles to Rivendell thing, based on time walking and assuming 20 minutes a mile. Me being me, I already have a spreadsheet to keep track of these things. (I love spreadsheets. I wish I had the stats package one I used in Oregon instead of Excel, but you can't have everything if you are unwilling to pay for or steal it.)

Miles to Rivendell 456.5

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