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With the recent announcement that Dumbledore is gay Rowling has thrown open the doors to a brand new original wave of Harry Potter slash fic. The slash community held its collective breath at the news before they rushed to start working on their new grand masterpieces based on a whole new unexplored field of Harry Potter Fan Fic.

Just a second, my assistant seems to want to show me something.

Wait! The timestamp on that one is before the first book was even...
Oh my GOD ARRGH! The grammarmakes me bleed!
I'm fairly sure that is not physically possible.

I have just been informed that, indeed, there was actually slash fic that assumed that Dumbledore was gay dating before this recent announcement, and all the way back to the origins of HP fan fiction. And GAH! Some of these folks made a horrible mishmash of Rule 35, Harry Potter, and a language not quite completely unlike modern English. Also? they need to buy some anatomy books or something.

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