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Here's a build I've always wanted to run, tenth level edition. It pulls from several source books. (PHB, Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Magic Item Compendium.)

Human Rogue 2, Fighter 1, Paladin 4, Pious Templar 1, Dervish 2
2d6+1d10+4d10+1d10+2d10 (53 hp/avg)

Str 14
Dex 13
Con 10
Wis 8
Int 12
Cha (15) 17

Perform (Dance) 13, Tumble 9, Gather Information 5, Bluff 5, Intimidate 6, Listen 5, Search 5, Sense Motive 9, Use Magic Device 6 (7), Spot 5, Swim 2, Knowledge (Religion) 11, Survival 2 (4)

1st level: True Believer (Ehlonna), Dodge,
3rd level Weapon Focus Longsword, Mobility
6th Combat Expertise
9th Lvl Power Attack


Fort 13 (8) Ref 13 (7) Will 10 (6)

Class Features
Sneak Attack (+1d6), trapfinding, Evasion, Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1/day (+3/hit, +4 damage), Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (12 points), Aura of Courage, divine health, Turn Undead, Mettle (Take no damage on successful save vs spells that have a save vs fort or will for half damage), +1 AC*, Dervish Dance 1/day (6 rounds, Take Full Attack Action and still move full speed, must move at least 5 feet between attacks, can't return to square immediately vacated, if weapon is slashing, add +1 to attack and damage rolls, when dance ends, become fatigued for remainder of encounter.)*, Movement Mastery (May always take 10 on perform dance, tumble, and jump checks), Slashing Blades (Scimitar is treated as a light weapon for use in 2 weapon fighting), Fast Movement +5 ft*

* Only while wearing light or no armor and with light or no encumbrance.

Gear (49,000 gp): Greater Bluring Mithril Breast Plate +1 (20200 gp, MiC 9), Sacred Longsword +1 (8315, MIC 42), Ring of Arming (5000 gp, MiC 122), Ring of Protection +1 (2000). Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000), Anklet of Translocation (1400 MiC 71), Truestrike Gauntlets (3500, MiC 144) Wand of Bless Weapon (750), 3835 gp

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