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remembered one of the things I'd intended to say.

remembered one of the things I'd intended to say.

I am looking for books and writers of Scottish Mythography. I know I read several blogs whose authors are reasonably knowledgeable on the subject, but I can't remember if any of them read me.
A friend of mine is working on a project that is going to work with the Scottish mythic space, but he really wants to avoid the fluffy new-age stuff on the subject. I'm not particularly familiar with the field, and since there's an NDA in the way I can't really advise very well, but maybe some of you know who writes the best material on the subject.


ChattyDM said...

Woot you're getting Spammed Michael!

Maybe you should activate Blogger's Captcha...

Michael Phillips said...

I would, save for a few things.
1. This is just the mirror of my blog (and an incomplete one at that. I should really get back to the task of copying my entire archive over to blogger)that I keep because a couple of friends of mine are more comfortable with this interface than the LJ one.
2. My total traffic is low, and spam traffic isn't much of an issue at the moment. For now, the hassle of deleting the very occasional attempt to improve someone's Google page rank is a small cost when compared to the added (minor) hurdle provided by the verification process.

That said, along with making sure my posts here have titles, I should include a link to the original post with each of these posts.