AF: Time Parodox

So yesterday I got the new Artemis Fowl book from the library. I did some stuff, went home and went to bed. At about 12:30 I did the stupid and opened the book. (Not too stupid, I didn't have work today.) This morning just before pre-dawn, I finished reading the best written Artemis Fowl book to date.

Don't get me wrong, I like the early Artemis Fowl books, but Colfer ran into the same problem that the Lemony Snickitt books suffer from. He felt the need to emphasize how bad and clever Artimis was instead of demonstrating. I'm sorry, but if you are writing about a super genius child and his adventures, you don't need to over emphasize things. Your audience is self motivated reading kids who generally have better readging comprehension than most adults, even if they lack years worth of cultural background (so you don't have to spell out motives, but you do have to spell out things like cultural references when writing to the SF/Fantasy YA market.) Well, these later books are relying on a lot more showing than telling (and Artemis is becomming a more likable character which doesn't hurt.)
I did miss the other kid a bit, but I assume that since this book's action took place over a very short period of time, she'll be there next time (though when they were marshelling their information sources to figure out what to do about the initial problem, I am suprised that AF didn't call her and ask her to do the same.)

Oh and yay! A time travel story without the worst Time Travel Story Ending Ever!

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