Dead fishies aren't much fun.

So, I've lost five fish since the move. My favored pet store (read "pet store on the most direct line between work and home")'s tanks are all infested with ick during a pretty neat sale that would have let me restock my tank for cheap.

I've not lost 5 fish in this short of a time period (excepting feeder guppies) since nearly the beginning of my time keeping aquaria. I'm not sure what killed most of them, though I suspect my pleco might have had something to do with it.
One fish (Gourami a) jumped out of the old 10 gallon tank and I didn't notice it until it was dead. This one could have been due to the other big gourami in the tank chasing it around.

One fish was just dead at the bottom of the tank (gourami b). I noticed it right before work and I left it there to extract after work.

One fish was dead at the bottom of the tank and I thought it was gourami b (gourami c) when I got home.

One fish was floating in the water column. (Pleco) Also? Way too big to flush.

One fish was stuck in the Pleco's mouth/throat (Cory A)

Plecos can get aggressive and territorial, and this one was big and old and had just been put in a new tank. I am afraid that it might have killed the others. Of course, choking to death on the cory provides a convienient solution to that problem too. Now I need to decide what to do. I've got a 29 gallon tank with one gourami, one female betta, and 3 corys. I've also got an empty 10 gallon tank but no extra filter and a 29 gallon tall tank that is so far surviving the stress test I gave it and wil thus be made into a terrarium eventually. I could set up the 10 gallon and put the Betta in it. That would let me get some small to medium aggeressive fish for the 30 gallon tank. Or I could try to meet some folks who think that going seining in the local waterways is grand fun and set up something really interesting. (Ideally one of them would have a fishing license.) I need to find bucket handles if that ends up being the chosen path. I've got 4 gallon buckets that need wire handles. (Also 4 gallons of water? weighs way less than it used to weigh when I was 8)

Went to petsmart. Very nice store, more expensive than petco better selection and all sorts of things to spend my moneys on.

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