So, I spent today listening to live music and eating free food and figuring out how to use google chrome to gain additional access on the restricted access computers at the library. Good day over all.

I went to the library at 10:30 this morning for a volunteer recognition thing. Apparently I was the first circulation volunteer to attend in several years. They fed us there, continental breakfast style, pastries and fruit. Fruit was okay, pastries and bagels were pretty good. Then I went to one of INPIRG's get out the vote concerts. Live music, sort of hippyish, young women, well, undulating across a field. (much better than most dancing currently) Missed their free food. But right next to that was the Moon Festival, an event held by the assorted Asian Student Associations on campus. They had a lot of good food, I got some decent tchotchkes (pretty post cards and a pair of chopsticks I got for winning a game. Then I went back to listen to another band doing covers of all sorts of stuff that I liked. Tomorrow is watching Serenity day. This was an awesome weekend to not have work.

Also, my frog dislikes the froggy health powder that I put on his crickets. (D3 and Calcium mostly)

Oh then I played pool with some of my sister's friends. (She's not here, but we bumped into each other. Fun kids (not really kids, but I'm sure Vanessa has things to say about me on that matter.) All in all it has been a good day.

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