kinda liveblogging the vagina monologues This year's proceeds benefit the women of the democratic republic of Congo and the Middleway house (a 10/90 split.)

The war in the DRC has been has been going on since 1996.
"SFemacide is the Global Warming of women."

DRC/Bosnia/etc always makes me consider the merits of the Pax Americana.

The personal ones make me at turns sad and enraged. I understand the urge to panopticon.

Was it because they were men?
Was it because they never learned to become a man?

no vibrators but guns!

I'm glad that I decided not to read this ahead of time (and I already expected more of these than I am happy with.)

"Warm up the duck lips"

I think I'm going to skip spoiling things though.

If you haven't yet seen them, there is always next year (and watch it instead of reading it. As text on paper, it loses impact, it loses much of its inherent value without the people involved, both the cast and the audience. Part of the impact is the community and the flesh and blood reality of the show.)

Oh and Taylor, if you catch this, it went damned well. Told you these things come together at the last minute.

In retrospect, these posts work better when I have a narrative to hang them on. Oh well.

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