So yesterday had some good and some bad.
I went and bought a new used bike. The young woman at the bike project was very nice and welcoming even though it was women's night, and she totally did some work on the bike that the person who put it out on the floor as on sale failed to do. She invited me to stay around, but I work with more than a few groups who take creating protected spaces very seriously, so I headed out after she finished fixing my new bike. I'll go back down later when I'm not working contrawise to the concept.

I went to baked and had some cookies. Cookies are good. I stayed mostly out of a conversation that ranged into a few areas that I know relatively well. No harm was going to come of misperceptions in these areas, and I think the guy was trying to flirt with the woman, so quiet me did online things and analyzed a couple days worth of conversations with one of my best friends. Not for content or anything. For length. (Turns out that I use about 136 words for every 100 she does in the limited sample I used. This ratio is about as unskewed as it gets for my conversations.)

I rode home on my new bike, guiding the old one by the handle bars. That was both difficult and dangerous. A couple of times I just picked the old bike up to keep it from ending up under my wheels. I think I surrealed up a couple of people's evenings too, so victory. I got home and put the bikes up in the front room. It was about 11:30 when I realized that the recycling needed to go out. Yesterday was about 45 degrees. Much of the snow in my yard melted during the day. It flowed out into the yard. As it cooled off, it froze in the street. I brought the recycling out and found this sheet ice the hard way. I went down onto my knee. The fall was an exercise in rotational momentum and semi-rigid structures. The trash can flew all the way across the street. My back bone tried desperately to avoid the movements that my collapse was forcing on it, doing fun things to my back muscles in the process (it turned one way the other attachment points turned other ways, my back muscles are all tight an unhappy to this hour.) and my knee explored a new closer acquaintance with the road. I may have exclaimed an expletive of the sexual subset, either while falling or after impact.

I hobbled back in and went to bed.
Woke up this morning still sore and having missed an im from a new friend.

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