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I got a new one.

khurram jee: hello
khurram jee just sent you a Nudge!
Michael: er... hello
khurram jee: how r u?
Michael: left hand top row, 4th character, space bar, right hand top row, 4th character.
Michael: specifically index finger in both cases
khurram jee: what u mean
khurram jee: ur asl.plz?
khurram jee: r u there
khurram jee: u wana chat me/
Michael: u is a vowel in the Latin alphabet only recently differentiated from the v.
khurram jee: ur name?
Michael: I'm not recognizing the language group for some of those questions. Sadly, I'm mostly restricted to European languages.
khurram jee: u can speak english
Michael: I'm not sure that an abstract concept such as a letter can have wants and needs, though I'm sure if it could, "u" would posses such desires.
Michael: Is "u wanna chat me/" an interrogative or a declaration of fact? Do you know something about the metaphysical status of letters that I don't?
khurram jee: tel me aboutur self
Michael: I'm sorry, I'm not quite able to extract meaning from that character string. Please try again.
Michael: Woah, u can speak English? We are reaching way into the land of the surreal now.
khurram jee: what u mean
Michael: I mean I know that there are talking letter puppets on various educational programs, but your sentence implies that the abstract concept of "u" both has a real existence and the physical ability to speak. Are you sure you aren't just leading an ex-philosopher on?
Michael: Did Dr Eflin put you up to this?
khurram jee: call my number
Michael: I thought I told you what "u" means up above.
khurram jee: 092-323-5068656
Michael: Alas, but for the presence of a phone.
khurram jee: hellooooooo
Michael: Here, this is a more in depth discussion of the meaning of "u" with a link to a disambiguation page for other meanings:
Michael: Hello.
Michael: Sticky key?
Michael: By the by, which user name am I using?
Michael: Ah, never mind, I figured out how to get Pidgin to tell me.

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