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So, Steven Brust just posted his Firefly Fan Fic Novel. It is under a CC BA NC ND license.

I have to admit that I've only read Aygar out of his stack of books, but the it mostly because I want to read his Taltos books in order an my library didn't have the first couple.
I have to admit that, knowing nothing about him I was unfairly supprised at Mr. Brust doing this. Pure ageism on my part, but he has been publishing since 83. I expect neat CC releases from the current generation of authors, the ones between about 5 years younger than I am and 10 years older (E. Bear, J. Scalzi, C. Doctorow, etc) than I am, but the folks who I sort of think of as the old guard? Not as much. Of course, this is silly and it ignores things I know about a number of authors who have been writing since well before I was born, but it still one of my unexamined assumptions. (Hell, several of my favorite authors who fit distinctly into the old guard by date started with fan fic, and I know this, because I love reading the essays that they write about how they got to be where they are. Apparently I was exercizing my ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time.)

Well, all of that aside, follow the link, download the book, mirror it if you can.

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