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Well, this one used English at least. A little pushy for someone who contacted me though. Yuck. Just noticed the lower case "I"'s And other letters.

AgedSalmon: Hello, how are you today? :)
eliz thann: I fare well. You?
agedsalmon is now known as AgedSalmon.
AgedSalmon: who is this?
eliz thann: That which stands forth and says "I am"
AgedSalmon: can you follow up that "i am" w/something a little more descriptive?
eliz thann: I could, but what fun would that be?
AgedSalmon: i'm not interested in fun. i'm interested in finding out who this is so i can decide if i want to keep talking or not.
eliz thann: See, that is where our interests diverge.
AgedSalmon: you're right.
eliz thann: Usually.
AgedSalmon: and so i guess i'm just going to have to break up w/you. alas, our relationship was fleeting, but i'll always remember it fondly. farewell.

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