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So, for a long time I've been online and mostly avoided viewpoint blogs. (Well, Boingboing has been on my read list for quite a while, but otherwise...)
I've recently started reading Feministing.
I just cam back to this post and started reading the comment thread.
First comment:

"I feel so torn about posts like this.

I'm a Hillary supporter, and of course think it undoubtedly true that her bid for the Presidency faces the pressures of overcoming an enormous amount of misogynism.

But, really, isn't this just a joke? I'm willing to believe that most of the people in this group are not sexist and just happen to dislike Hillary. So, they're making a joke by adopting a point of view that is bigoted in a laughably outdated, and so absurd, manner. If anything, it seems like this group strengthens women's position because it promotes the laughability of the notion that women only belong in the kitchen.

Regardless, aren't there more important things to get outraged about? Am I way off base here? I'd genuinely like to know."

another comment, same person:

"I don't think it's necessarily a sexist joke. I think they're being facetious. They're adopting an stance that is absurdly sexist and are therefore, at least in some minor way, lampooning sexism.

I don't know about everyone else, but I only have a certain amount of outrage before I get emotionally exhausted. I'll save my outrage for abstinence only education, disparity in pay between men and women, overly lax rape laws, the fight against a woman's right to choose, etc."

You know what? No, there really isn't anything more important to be outraged against. All of the examples from the second post are derived from an underlying sexism in our cultural memespace. They all have the same root cause, as does the acceptability and popularity of the listed group. It is that underlying meme that must be challenged and changed at every occurrence, it is the casual acceptance of sexist jokes that help maintain the whole memetic cluster that gives rise to the social ills listed in the second post. To bring about real change in people and societies you have to change the underlying memes that cause the things you want changed.

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