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Buffy spoilers ahead.

Oh wow. Season 6 is a major downer. That said, there is some wonderful work in the season. I dislike some of the choices that the writers made, some of the themes that Whedon decided to showcase, but goo, some of it is really quite great. Episode 6.15, the one where Riley comes into town along with his new wife has one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. At the end when Buffy tells Spike that they have to stop boinking, that not only is she using him and hating herself, but that it is killing her (the self hatred) when she walks out of the crypt and into the sunlight, that visual is one of the most awesome things they did in the show. (The whole episode essentially was fairly dark and gloomy, especially the last half.)

Also, I really wish that I'd not read as much about the show back when I'd no intention to actually watch it. It's made an already depressing season much much worse to know what's in the works. The various bad things that are happening to and by the various characters would be way more endurable if I didn't know what was going to happen come Seeing Red.

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