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So a couple of years ago, I got to within 1 plot quest and 3 side quests of the end of Chapter 3 of Neverwinter Nights, got distracted, and never finished the game. Since then I have installed a new video card on my ancient machine. I went from a 16 meg to a 256 meg. There's not a game that will run on my computer for which that isn't overkill. I decided to take a look at the game again, and I was duly impressed with how much smoother it ran when there were lots of shiny graphical effects. I also went on to finish the game. Last chapter was kind of short, and it relied on the favorite "invincible monsters" trick a lot too much, but I saved the Paladin so I'm content. Last boss did the invincible monster bit. I fireballed her fire protection to death and sworded her sword protection to death and my Celestial and I sworded her to death. (I'm playing a sorcerer and the easiest way to beat the last boss was with pointy bits of steel... not sure that's entirely Kosher.) The artwork in the credits was pretty. Not Homeworld 1 pretty, but pretty.

Yeah. I just beat NWN. Quite a few years after I bought it on the release day. (Actually I paid for it months ahead of time, so I guess I bought it before release, I only received my purchase on the release date.)
Wonder if the adventure tool kit will run better with my new graphics card...

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