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Take your mp3 collection, stick it in your favorite player and randomise your playlist. Post the top 20 that come up.

1. The New Sad (Bare Naked Ladies)
2. Lost Broken Shards (Yasunori Mitsuda Xenogears OST)
3. Where do we go from here? (BtVS Once More With Feeling)
4. Losers (The Cardigans)
5. Carry on my Wayward Son (Kansas)
6. Who'll Stop the Rain (CCR)
7. The World of the Dead (Joe Hisaishi Princess Mononoke OST)
8. ChronoTrigger Boss 2
9. What You Feel Reprise (BtVS Once More With Feeling)
10. So Deep Perfect Sphere Remix (DDR)
11. In the Time of Darkness (Yasunori Mitsuda ChronoCross OST)
12. The Promised Land (FF2)
13. Romance (Yoko Kanno Visions of Escaflowne)
14. Unwell (Matchbox Twenty)
15. Witness (Tori Amos)
16. Hump'em and Dump'em (Wheatus)
17. Espionage (FF Tactics)
18. Buffy Main Title (The Breeders)
19. Opening Song (Love Hina Again OST)
20. When you Go (Johnathan Coulton)

And that, ladies and gentlemen? That is why I use playlists.

So, hows 'bout you?

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