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Just watched X-men 3. Ugh. I mean there was a good movie in there, and I adore what happened to Scott, but they needed to hire some writers, and fire the producer. It was nice to see Kitty get a bigger role, but she didn't seem quite right (of course, to show Kitty's character development, they'd have had to have not given all of those scenes to Rogue in the first two movies. It is hard to add a character who you morphed with another character in earlier movies.) And damn, they picked the wrong Rogue ending. There was an alternate ending for her and it was more in line with the message of the comics and the movies. Way to go, end the film with a scene that is off message.

Halley Berry made a great Storm. Except not so much in this film. She is a wonderful Storm as X-man, but she's not convincing as storm as leader of the X-men. Too scared, too hesitant, not nearly enough confident that she'll kick your ass.

One good point, would have worked better with the alternate Rogue ending, I liked that our Gambit stand-in didn't kiss Kitty Pryde.

The movie was low on badass and ooh neat moments, and Phoenix was much less of a threat than she should have been.

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