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The last of the big three of western SF in the 20th century is dead now. I've read less Clark than the other two, 2 of the 2000 series (not 2001... the library lacked it) a lot of the Rama books, Childhood's End, Contact (if that was his), and the short story that inspired 2001 is about the whole of it for me.
Mostly I burnt out reading the later Rama books. I've got less patience for that high a ratio of grandiose vistas to exciting plot than I needed to stay with them. They aren't bad books by any means, just not really my speed.
That said, Clark was one of the big idea people. One of the visionary minds. One of the minds that wlll be missed.
(I hope that XKCD does a memorial strip for him. One of my favorite XKCD strips owes its joke to him.)

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