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So, I was just rereading Issue 12 of Buffy Season 8, and I realized something I missed the first few times I read it. There is a scene with Xander and Renee belong together. One, she's been learning about all of the things that are important to him. Ladies, gentlemen, if you are interested in a geek, that is a good place to start. We generally are very appreciative of our SOs learning/knowing about the things we are interested in. We like to share our interests with the world, essentially with anyone who doesn't manage to flee fast enough. I'm under the impression that this is not how it works generally with mundanes.
Point 2? There is a scene where we see their silhouettes as they are talking.

Person 1> But first, we should probably deal with our wolf problem.
Person 2> I know, I'm not even sure who we alert. A zoo? Do they have zoos in Scotland?
Person 1> Nope. Scotland's a primitive society. Their men hunt with clubs and their women wear corsets to bed.
Person 2> I don't want to go out with you anymore.

Until this latest reading, I though person 1 was Xander and person 2 was Renee. The joke was perfect Xander.
Except I didn't really look at the silhouettes. Renee? She has the same sense of humor that Xander does.

Point 3? She's not a demon, she's not gay, and she's not in love with someone who isn't Xander.

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